Sapir Faculty Create Award Winning Documentary Cinema

On December 24, Sapir's faculty won multiple prizes at the Israel Documentary Forum's annual award ceremony. Lena Chaplin won the prize for Best Documentary Film (under 60 minutes) and Rotem Dror won the prize for Best Soundtrack Design, both for the film Underground Ballet. Sapir’s Bracha Zisman Cohen, wrote the screenplay and edited the film.

Additionally, Sapir’s Jonathan Bar Giora won the prize for Best Original Music for the film Waking Up Yossi, and Sapir lecturer and graduate, Ofir Trainin, won the prize for Best Documentary Reporting for directing the Trip of His Life episode of the 'Real Time' television series.

Israeli cinema has received global attention and prize nominations at Cannes and the Academy Awards in recent years. Sapir faculty and students are playing a leading role in cultivating this promising field of artistic endeavor. Thus, thanks in large measure to Sapir Academic College, the Western Negev has become a veritable hub for the arts.

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Sapir President on DC Panel on Biden's Iran Policy

Sapir President, Prof. Shai Feldman, appeared on Thursday, February 18 on a zoom panel hosted by the prestigious Washington DC think-tank, the Center for the National Interest. The panel, titled "Biden, the Middle East, and Iran" focused on the Biden administration's policy regarding Iran's nuclear efforts. Feldman, a former director of Brandeis University's Crown Center for Middle East Studies, was joined on the panel by Gary Samore, former Assistant to President Barack Obama for Nuclear Security and the Crown Center's current director, and by Ellen Laipson, former Vice Chair of the U.S.