On December 28, Prof. Shai Feldman, president of Sapir Academic College, joined the nationwide vaccination drive, receiving his own COVID-19 inoculation. Israel has launched an unprecedented campaign to vaccinate more than 150,000 people per day. By the end of the first week, a million Israelis were inoculated.

The whole effort, Feldman believes, is an example of Israel’s public health system at its best, and an outstanding demonstration of social resilience. “Sapir is gearing up to return to full activity when the health crisis subsides. We look forward to seeing thousands of students and faculty returning to Sapir's campus and are eager to once again welcome our partners from Israel and around the world.”

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Broken Spirits: From Family Tragedy to Social Resilience

For Israelis, confronting loss is a touchstone of social resilience. Forged in the heat of epic wars and ongoing defensive battles, Israeli society has learned to overcome the shock of military casualties and resume the course of daily life.  For the mothers and wives of fallen servicemen, however, bereavement is a life long struggle. Now, researchers from the school of social work at Sapir Academic College have been recognized by the IDF Widows and Orphans Organization for their pioneering research into relations between mothers and wives of soldiers killed in action. Drs.

Sapir President on DC Panel on Biden's Iran Policy

Sapir President, Prof. Shai Feldman, appeared on Thursday, February 18 on a zoom panel hosted by the prestigious Washington DC think-tank, the Center for the National Interest. The panel, titled "Biden, the Middle East, and Iran" focused on the Biden administration's policy regarding Iran's nuclear efforts. Feldman, a former director of Brandeis University's Crown Center for Middle East Studies, was joined on the panel by Gary Samore, former Assistant to President Barack Obama for Nuclear Security and the Crown Center's current director, and by Ellen Laipson, former Vice Chair of the U.S.