Sapir President, Prof. Shai Feldman, appeared on Thursday, February 18 on a zoom panel hosted by the prestigious Washington DC think-tank, the Center for the National Interest. The panel, titled "Biden, the Middle East, and Iran" focused on the Biden administration's policy regarding Iran's nuclear efforts. Feldman, a former director of Brandeis University's Crown Center for Middle East Studies, was joined on the panel by Gary Samore, former Assistant to President Barack Obama for Nuclear Security and the Crown Center's current director, and by Ellen Laipson, former Vice Chair of the U.S. National Intelligence Council.

The link to the panel discussion is:

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The Kind of Leaders they Dreamed of

Sapir Academic College is thrilled to honor this year’s outstanding students. Not only are we proud of their achievements. These exemplars of academic excellence are the fulfillment of our vision as an institution, and of the educational pioneers who made Sapir what it is today. To give this idea palpability and meaning, Sapir grants summa cum titles in the name of our most distinguished honor laureates, of blessed memory, such as the late college president, Prof. Zeev Tzachor, Prof. Uri Regev, founder of our economics department, and Dr.

Student Innovators to Save the Planet

With climate change accelerating faster than previously imagined and policy makers unable to stem the tide, Israeli innovators are seeking out of the box solutions.  And fast.  To help them along, Sapir Academic College will host the Western Negev Eco-Thon at its Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (HIE Sapir) on March 18th and 19th. Students, innovators and entrepreneurs from around the region will join forces with professional mentors and industry experts in an effort to hack the challenges of environmental survival facing us all.  Participants will build prototypes for innovative so