Sapir Stories


Nofar Kukbanker

Nofar Kukbanker lives in Dimona, she graduated in 2006, with a BA in Technological Marketing. She chose to study at Sapir College as the innovative Technological Marketing degree course looked interesting and was not available at other colleges.  
A serial entrepreneur, after two years of working in the industry, Nofar started the first of her own businesses. She then pursued a MBA and MA degree from New York University. Today, she is a Marketing Communications Manager at Risco. In parallel, she operates her own business, NK Marketing, for large and small clients such as the Ministry of Housing and Israel Nature and Parks Authority, etc. In addition, she is working on her own startup and investing in other startups.

In her own words: "College studies were fun and instructive. When I started work in the high-tech market, I realized the importance of each course and I use all the methods and tools that I acquired during my degree studies. In addition, I gained friends for life; we meet up regularly for business and pleasure. I believe that the college education provided by Sapir−offers the best chance for success−to get the job that you want or to start your own business. It is up to you! Learn as much as possible, enjoy, do lots of networking- the sky is the limit!"